Jonathan Webb
Nicholas Goh

About us

Jonathan Webb

for CSSU President

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Second year Computer Science specialist + Physics major + Math minor

I’m extremely passionate about everything I do: I have a great interest in Math and Physics, but I absolutely love Computer Science. It’s the future – it is constantly evolving and changing, and we are lucky enough to see it in its earliest stages. You need a CSSU that realizes the implications of everything they do and understands that they are shaping the future of the entire field. I have some fantastic ideas that I’d love to share with you, and I look forward to having the opportunity to do my part in making the UofT Computer Science Department a spectacular place to be!

Nicholas Goh

for CSSU Vice-President

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Second year Computer Science specialist

For me, the CSSU is the strongest semblance of family I have in Toronto. Coming from the West Coast city of Vancouver, I’ve left a lot of people behind, but I’ve met people here who have become central parts of my life, all of whom are connected to the CSSU. I hope that I can help foster the growth of a CSSU that becomes a family for everyone in the Computer Science department and gives everyone yet another reason to be proud members of this department here at the University of Toronto.

Our goals

Strengthen the community and invigorate computer science culture

Push for increased funding to improve the department as a whole

Help foster innovation to advance our field at large

Promote UofT as a world class industry institution, not just an academic one

Vote for us

Help shape next year's CSSU on Monday, March 31st, 2014 at the CSSU office (BA 2283).


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